Gangwon K-mall

From local specialty products to various theme products to cultural performances
in Gangwon-do! Meet at the Festival Park!

  • Quilt pencil case(Spectacle case combined usage) 5,000 ₩
    Nambu Traditional Market (With Shop)
    It is designed to add luxury by placing traditional design knots on a zipper.
    Quilt pencil case(Spectacle case combined usage)
  • Juba Anchovy 25,000 ₩
    Incheon Nambu Traditional Market
    It is excellent when you want to produce the best soup flavor with domestic anchovy.
    Juba Anchovy
  • Domestic Sesame Oil 25,000 ₩
    Doma Market Cooperative
    100% domestic sesame seed and perilla, it is more tasty and good quality.
    Domestic Sesame Oil
  • Dried Squid 50,000 ₩
    East Sea Central Market
    Freshly caught squid in the clean waters of the East Coast are carefully selected and washed clean with East Sea seawate...
    Dried Squid
  • Gangwon Province Waxy Corn Yakgwa 5,000 ₩
    Chuncheon Beongae Market
    Traditional Korean snack Yakgwa that includes white waxy corn, a specialty in the Gangwon Province.
    Gangwon Province Waxy Corn Yakgwa
  • Pine leaf Natural Soap 5,500 ₩
    Daegu(Seongseo Yongsan Market)
    Oily skin, Whitening effect, Moisturizing effect, Sensitive skin
    Pine leaf Natural Soap
  • Almond 5,000 ₩
    Incheon Singi Market
    The sweet almonds are stored in an airtight container for a healthier flavor. After consumption, the container can be us...
  • Udo Peanut Traditional Rice Wine 5,000 ₩
    Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market
    Roasted Udo Peanuts made into a rice wine where you can enjoy the taste and smell of peanuts, as they are more aromatic ...
    Udo Peanut Traditional Rice Wine
  • Glutinous rice Yukwa 15,000 ₩
    Sin Jungang Market (Jeonju Samcheon Folk Hangwa)
    Korea’s best glutinous rice handmade health food Yukwa(Handmade Hangwa) - Glutinous rice, bean / Domestic glutinous ric...
    Glutinous rice Yukwa
  • Brown Rice Gangjeong 5,000 ₩
    Sin Jungang Market (Local Hangwa)
    Brown Rice / Domestic
    Brown Rice Gangjeong
  • Sticky Oranda 8,000 ₩
    Anyang City(Nambu Market Cooperative) Byeolnan Gangjeong
    Participated in 2005 Jeonju International Fermented Food Expo, 2004 Excellent Industry Design Award for Industry and Ene...
    Sticky Oranda
  • Omija Sap 20,000 ₩
    Yeoju Hangul Market Cooperative
    Promote the recovery of fatigue by decomposing lactic acid, Blood circulation and metabolic acceleration, Improve consti...
    Omija Sap
  • Yeoju Peanut 7,000 ₩
    Yeoju Hangul Market Cooperative
    Yeoju's representative special product, Yeoju peanut, is produced with good soil and water. Fresh air and clean water, a...
    Yeoju Peanut
  • Yeoju Rice Hangwa with great fortune 5,000 ₩
    Yeoju Hangul Market Cooperative
    Korea's first Hangwa and flower tea set / Maple tree sap served to the King made with Yeoju rice, which is a well-being ...
    Yeoju Rice Hangwa with great fortune
  • Forest Product Luxury Mixed Set No.1 37,000 ₩
    Yeongdong Traditional Market (Hana Agricultural Product)
    Healthy foods to children with sweet and chewy persimmons and savoury walnuts as a set of luxury forest products.
    Forest Product Luxury Mixed Set No.1
  • Microfiber Blanket 20,000 ₩
    Yeongseon Sin Market
    Light and easy to use, versatile bedding and blankets, 100% cotton 40CM × 60CM for couples 2 SET, T/C fabric 40CM × 60CM...
    Microfiber Blanket
  • Daily Hanbok Jacket 98,000 ₩
    Yeuklim Gogae Shopping Street
    Sophisticated design and carefully sewed jacket is made of materials that are suited to wear in daily life.
    Daily Hanbok Jacket
  • Almond 10,000 ₩
    Incheon Moraenae Market•Singi Market•Nambu Market
    Roasted directly that differentiates the taste of the product from other products.
  • Arari Hangwa 10,000 ₩
    Imgaesa Tongpaldal Market
    A good food that can be trusted to consume as it is grown from the clear and clean environment of Jeongseon.
    Arari Hangwa
  • Massage Bat 15,000 ₩
    Chuncheon Central Market
    Product containing powdered germanium gellite (187 times the ocher), which enables prevention of water vein and electrom...
    Massage Bat
  • Rose Ang
    Jincheon Central Market
    It is a high-quality wine that is extracted from a traditional brewery in Jincheon Duksan Brewery, which has a history a...
    Rose Ang
  • Leached Tea 13,000 ₩
    Taehwa Market (Hyunsook’s Handmade Tea)
    Products made of only agricultural products that are produced in mountainous regions nationwide such as solomon seal, ku...
    Leached Tea
  • Convenient Seaweed Fulvescens 5,500 ₩
    Gangjinman English Association Corporation
    Seaweed fulvescens freshly harvested with patented technology are thoroughly cleaned and lyophilized. This is a dried se...
    Convenient Seaweed Fulvescens
  • Pure100 Kanghwa Island Wormwood Sap 30 packs 25,000 ₩
    Kanghwa-gun Forestry Association
    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Livestock Food Certification Certified Geographical Registration No. 16 Kanghwa w...
    Pure100 Kanghwa Island Wormwood Sap 30 packs
  • Citron Tea 12,000 ₩
    Geoje Agricultural Export Farming Association
    Use Geoje Regional Mountain citron only by fermenting citron with cold enzyme and blended with fermentation stock soluti...
    Citron Tea
  • Sotdae Frame 30,000 ₩
    Gwangju Federation of Handcrafts Cooperatives
    A decorative frame made using sotdae, a traditional Korean cultural heritage, used in various ways.
    Sotdae Frame
  • Korean Traditional Scarf 148,000 ₩
    It is a high quality cultural product designed by reinterpreting the beautiful folk paintings and traditional patterns o...
    Korean Traditional Scarf
  • Fermented Gastrodia elata 49,000 ₩
    Gastrodia elata is the main ingredient that helps the brain or blood vessel system that is available for all ages to con...
    Fermented Gastrodia elata
  • Artemisia argyi Corn Tea 7,800 ₩
    Namhae Island Agricultural Farm Cooperation
    Artemisia argyi is fermented by high-temperature to reduce the bitter taste, increase the active ingredient, and blend w...
    Artemisia argyi Corn Tea
  • Kimchi 200g 2,500 ₩
    Farm Food
    Cabbage kimchi is cut off, and it is good for one or two people to eat with a meal. It is vacuum packed, so it is easy t...
    Kimchi 200g
  • Mamam Premium Jam Gift Set 18,800 ₩
    Agricultural Corporation
    Sugar-free, no preservatives, it is a pure jam with no additions. Does not use raw materials that the consumer does not ...
    Mamam Premium Jam Gift Set
  • Kanghwa Gyodong Island Rice Tteokbokki 4,500 ₩
    Agricultural Company Corporation Reinforced Farmhouse
    It is a tteokbokki rice cake made from Kanghwa Gyodong Island rice. It is produced only with rice harvested within the y...
    Kanghwa Gyodong Island Rice Tteokbokki
  • Yukjjeok Village Garlic Red Pepper Paste Gold 1kg 120,000 ₩
    Agricultural Company Duseung Corporate Food
    It is traditional glutinous rice red pepper paste made from Korean agricultural products. It is fresh and refreshed with...
    Yukjjeok Village Garlic Red Pepper Paste Gold 1kg
  • Organic Aronia Concentrated Granule 70,000 ₩
    Agricultural Corporation Soseegol Farm
    100% Domestic Danyang Organic Enriched Concentrated Granule Aronia Vacuum Concentrated Extract and concentrates organic ...
    Organic Aronia Concentrated Granule
  • Daedeok Alcohol Dansan Jigyo 20,000 ₩
    Agricultural Corporation Sintanjin
    Korean Wine Awards awarded in three different times during the 2011, 2015, and 2016 Korean Alcohol Competition. Quality ...
    Daedeok Alcohol Dansan Jigyo
  • Komega Perilla oil 180 12,500 ₩
    Agricultural corporation Komega
    Perilla oil designated as the best culture item in 2016 and the next-generation world class product. Perilla oil, which ...
    Komega Perilla oil 180
  • Sweet Dried Persimmon 150g 4,000 ₩
    Agricultural corporation Cheongdowon Persimmon Co., Ltd
    Colorless, 100 % water-free Cheongdo dehumidification with no sub-displacement. Contains about 35 % moisture, products d...
    Sweet Dried Persimmon 150g
  • Pesticide-free Tricolor Barley 800g 7,000 ₩
    Agricultural corporation Chungmec Co., Ltd
    It is a premium barley product made by the Rural Development Administration blended with amethyst, glutinous barley, bla...
    Pesticide-free Tricolor Barley 800g
  • Drinking Persimmon Wine Vinegar 14,900 ₩
    Cheongdo Persimmon Wine Co., Ltd
    Sugar-free! No preservatives! Non-colored fragrance!, Cheongdo flat persimmon is 5 times more concentrated to keep the n...
    Drinking Persimmon Wine Vinegar
  • Pure Plan Clean Citron 33,000 ₩
    Clear, bright, and warm cooperative
    Pesticide free with no moisture due to the presence of citron sap juice from Goheung Mountain. 15% honey added from Gohe...
    Pure Plan Clean Citron
  • Daecheon Laver Traditional Laver Jeongjang 13,900 ₩
    Daecheon Laver Co., Ltd
    Using only the selected quality original herbs, with the representation of a 40-year-old luxury laver. It is a product t...
    Daecheon Laver Traditional Laver Jeongjang
  • Han Tea Month Package 7,000 ₩
    No artificial color, no preservatives, no added sugar, it is a tea made by extracting only local ingredients.
    Han Tea Month Package
  • Jewelry Tangerine 3,000 ₩
    Agricultural corporation Ilhae Co., Ltd
    100% Jeju dried citrus snack grown on Jeju Island. Use citrus that is harvested from December to January when Jeju citru...
    Jewelry Tangerine
  • Seokro Wine: Seogi Mushroom Traditional Fermented Wine 35,000 ₩
    Seokiwon Co., Ltd
    Selected as the World Science Council Forum, International Cultural Industry Exhibition, Export and Import Consultative ...
    Seokro Wine: Seogi Mushroom Traditional Fermented Wine
  • Enhanced Wormwood Tea bag Tea 8000 ₩
    San Ae Deul Ae Co., Ltd
    The tea bag is made to be easily consumed with the 3 years of fermented enhanced wormwood, so you can enjoy it with adul...
    Enhanced Wormwood Tea bag Tea
  • Vision Decoration 78,000 ₩
    Vision Decoration
    Hanji is the oldest existing paper in Korea and has excellent quality and durability. A wide range of colors and flexibl...
    Vision Decoration
  • Moshi Corsage B 70,000 ₩
    Luciola cruciata
    Pair of hand-made corsage made of natural dyed moshi.
    Moshi Corsage B
  • Chunmadam 149,000 ₩
    Muju Deokyusan Banditgol Agricultural Cooperation
    It is highly recommended for those who are receiving a hospital treatment or who are physically inconvenienced. Using 10...
  • Hanji Men’s Socks Set 15,000 ₩
    Lohas Hanji Co., Ltd
    Deodorizing, antibacterial and quick-drying, it protects the health of the family and makes you feel good in your daily ...
    Hanji Men’s Socks Set
  • Sowaldang Pear Bread 33,000 ₩
    Ulsan is famous for its pride of having stone cells from its famous Ulsan pear, which is exported to other countries.
    Sowaldang Pear Bread
  • Sosanwon King’s Tea 3 piece set 45,000 ₩
    Sosanwon Co., Ltd
    Produced the best tea by combining patent technologies of selected ingredients and disposals, by growing and collecting ...
    Sosanwon King’s Tea 3 piece set
  • Hanbugak Potato Chips 3,300 ₩
    Made with raw sugar (cane) and herbal salt, with no artificial coloring or synthetic fragrance.
    Hanbugak Potato Chips
  • Ulgeum Hangwa 3,000 ₩
    Sejong Hangwa
    Ulgeum hangwa is a Korean traditional food certified (No.797) that reproduces using traditional homemade grain syrup, Ul...
    Ulgeum Hangwa
  • Desikyeo Dried Flat Roasted Sweet Potato 3,400 ₩
    YoungInFarm Corporation
    Ganghwa-do sweet potatoes are baked in an oven and dried. It is a natural food that does not contain additives at all, a...
    Desikyeo Dried Flat Roasted Sweet Potato
  • Bongdong Sweetened Ginger Slice 25,000 ₩
    Wanjubong Ginger Federation of Farm Unions
    It is a product made by slicing the selected ginger with excellent domestic ginger, pickled and made to be consumed conv...
    Bongdong Sweetened Ginger Slice
  • Jeju Dried Tangerine White Choco 25,000 ₩
    Evergreen Co., Ltd
    Jeju Dried White Choco is a product that is coated with chocolate with sliced dried citrus. It offers the refreshing tas...
    Jeju Dried Tangerine White Choco
  • Sharing Lovepot Natural Vaporizing Humidifier 25,000 ₩
    i2m Co., Ltd
    Water absorbing properties of fabric natural humidifier for personal use, add water in pot shaped container. By insertin...
    Sharing Lovepot Natural Vaporizing Humidifier
  • Ulsan Whale Chocolate 25,000 ₩
    Made of real chocolate with cacao butter, not chocolate coated with palm oil vegetable fat.
    Ulsan Whale Chocolate
  • Onggojib Household Set 19,000 ₩
    Onggojib Agricultural Association
    Pumpkin barley soybean paste with an average salinity of (13%), which is not salty enough to help with the modern day co...
    Onggojib Household Set
  • Ocher Dried Yellow Croaker Fish No.1 50,000 ₩
    Okgulbi English Associations
    Ocher Dried Yellow Croaker Fish
    Ocher Dried Yellow Croaker Fish No.1
  • Oseong Food / Brown Rice Nurungji Set 25,000 ₩
    Oseong Food
    100% domestic rice, cooked on both sides of the rice with crispness and nutty flavor. You can have it as a snack right a...
    Oseong Food / Brown Rice Nurungji Set
  • Terra Croquis Vase 110,000 ₩
    It is a pottery work that was hand-crafted through the use of pottery technique called "Tera Sigillata" which was used i...
    Terra Croquis Vase
  • 7004S Darae Wine 3,400 ₩
    Oreumjuga Farming Association
    Oreum wine has a clear flavor with a combination of sweetness and fresh flavor. Good for those who do not like the bitte...
    7004S Darae Wine
  • Ceramic ware Paper cup Holder 15,000 ₩
    Easy Ceramic Studio
    Practical and artistic encounter, enjoy romance with paper cups in a fancy ceramic holder. Use a paper cup in a ceramic ...
    Ceramic ware Paper cup Holder
  • Table-top Double-headed drum (Large) 35,000 ₩
    Wolgokdancheong Studio
    It is a handicraft product that has a plum pattern on Korean traditional musical instruments. It is a tourist product th...
    Table-top Double-headed drum (Large)
  • Stock King Seafood Pack 6,000 ₩
    Wonjeong Seafood
    Using various kinds of stock, when cooking, you can easily create a tasting stock. Light and spicy taste.
    Stock King Seafood Pack
  • Nutrition filled Wando Abalone Porridge 4,000 ₩
    Wando Abalone Porridge Co., Ltd
    Wando sea presents the freshness of the pristine sea, and it is very special for the abalone to live up to its selected ...
    Nutrition filled Wando Abalone Porridge
  • Lacquered oval 700 Spoon Set(2 types) 68,000 ₩
    The genuine natural lacquer contains the finest conditions. It is good for the stomach and you can wash it with a washcl...
    Lacquered oval 700 Spoon Set(2 types)
  • Honey Butter Tangerine Chip 3,000 ₩
    Jeju One Food Co., Ltd
    Jeju tangerine is slice coated with natural honey and butter is a natural health food as well as nutritious snack which ...
    Honey Butter Tangerine Chip
  • Jeju Jinhwang Ivy Enzyme Soap 5,500 ₩
    Jejuuda Co., Ltd
    Ivy tree is regenerated in East Asia, Malay Pen., and South America, while in Korea, it grows in Jeollanam-do, Wando, Ji...
    Jeju Jinhwang Ivy Enzyme Soap
  • Nimome 375ml 375ml ₩
    Jaejusaem Agricultural Association
    Nimome is an 11% Yakju with a tangerine flavor, which is made from Jeju tangerine peel. The sweet and fresh scent charac...
    Nimome 375ml
  • Gosori Alchohol 45,000 ₩
    Jeju Gosori Alcohol Ripe House
    Gosori alchohol is made from Jeju mountain grains and leaven. 100% hand distilled soju made from manual labor. Fermented...
    Gosori Alchohol
  • Mokae Ginger, Bellflower Root, Pear 49,000 ₩
    Jeongjin Food Agricultural Corporation
    Using Korean rice starch as a raw ingredient for the soft texture. Uses only raw ingredients good for bronchial and lung...
    Mokae Ginger, Bellflower Root, Pear
  • Jeongeup Premium Oat 1kg 5,500 ₩
    Jeongeup Premium Oat Enterprise Organization
    You can feel and taste the hard chewy texture of the Jeongeup premium oat even without adding water.
    Jeongeup Premium Oat 1kg
  • Heukhwago No.1 25,000 ₩
    Jeongnam Jinjangheung Pyogo Co., Ltd
    Wash it lightly with water, immerse it in lukewarm water, and the flavor is greater than that of fresh shiitake. It is r...
    Heukhwago No.1
  • Jeongdeulkong Traditional Red Pepper Paste 11,000 ₩
    Korean Traditional grain syrup red pepper paste made in Jeongdeulkong, Ganghwa-gun.
    Jeongdeulkong Traditional Red Pepper Paste
  • Hanbangchong Myeonghyang 20,000 ₩
    Inhwa Studio
    A natural oriental herb that has been used as an aroma therapy in the royal family since ancient times. It is a fragranc...
    Hanbangchong Myeonghyang
  • Bellflower Root, Pear, Ginger, Grain syrup 19,000 ₩
    Inae Food
    Bellflower Root, Pear, Ginger, Grain syrup
    Bellflower Root, Pear, Ginger, Grain syrup
  • Chunsoo Nurim Kyungbanghwan(Premium type) 10 piece 36,000 ₩
    Danurim Co., Ltd
    Product made by recreating the traditional way from Danurim.
    Chunsoo Nurim Kyungbanghwan(Premium type) 10 piece
  • Binsoo and Porridge Set 266,000 ₩
    Kcyugi Co., Ltd
    Binsoo and Porridge Set
    Binsoo and Porridge Set
  • Eat with trust dried sterilized anchovy 10,900 ₩
    Seogang Co., Ltd
    It is the first anchovies to be sterilized in Korea, and the existing anchovies have been sterilized three more times.
    Eat with trust dried sterilized anchovy
  • Nuclear pack is the trend 3,500 ₩
    Lium Co., Ltd
    The paste-type hot pack, maximum temperature of 65 degrees Celsius for indoor and outdoor activities during the winter m...
    Nuclear pack is the trend
  • Drinking Porridge Sweet Pumpkin 1,500 ₩
    Duson Food Co., Ltd
    Considering the fact that it is a hassel and annoying to eat breakfast, this is a breakfast substitute made from 100% do...
    Drinking Porridge Sweet Pumpkin
  • Fishcake Noodle Stew 7,900 ₩
    DAEGWANG F&C Co., Ltd
    This fish cake noodle made by steaming the selected pollack meat is a healthy choice, which does not contain any flour.
    Fishcake Noodle Stew
  • Sancheong Sanyang Wild Ginseng Wine 30,000 ₩
    Agricultural Co, Ltd
    This product is made by mixing ginseng concentrate that has been preserved for 6 years with cervi parvum cornu, calcium ...
    Sancheong Sanyang Wild Ginseng Wine
  • Red Ginseng 59,000 ₩
    Agricultural Corporation Narae Food Farm
    Red ginseng stick with red ginseng concentrate and ground red ginseng root without additives. Be sure to shake it before...
    Red Ginseng
  • Joheun Red Wholestar White Wholestar Red 20,000 ₩
    Joheun Winery
    Joheun Red, Whlestar Red, it is a wine fermented without sugar, harvested when frost falls in early November.
    Joheun Red Wholestar White Wholestar Red
  • Organic Germination Barley Brown Rice 12,000 ₩
    Jejuhongamga Co., Ltd
    It is a 100% organic food produced using Jeju Special Self-Governing Technology.
    Organic Germination Barley Brown Rice
  • From today Wild Herb Wine 21 8,500 ₩
    From today's wild herb wine contains 21% AIC with active ingredients of various herbs such as eleutherococcus, chameleon...
    From today Wild Herb Wine 21
  • Dandy Manjoo 18,000 ₩
    Dandy Manjoo is 100% famous Ulsan specialty handmade dish. It is shaped like a ghost whale representing Ulsan, and it ha...
    Dandy Manjoo
  • Tongyeong Light Anchovy 3-piece Set 23,000 ₩
    3-piece anchovies of 2018 that shows the cleanliness of the Tongyeong sea (Medium size anchovy 250G, small size anchovy ...
    Tongyeong Light Anchovy 3-piece Set
  • Haenuri Traditional Lunch Box Laver 30 set 15,000 ₩
    Haenuri Laver Co., Ltd
    Haenuri laver has been certified as a marine products traditional food quality using 100% laver of Korean raw fish produ...
    Haenuri Traditional Lunch Box Laver 30 set
  • PNB Our Milk Choco Pie 10-piece Set 23,000 ₩
    PNBAKERY Co., Ltd
    Among the 150 different kinds of bakery, the original handmade Choco Pies are 100% wheat, which is one of the most popul...
    PNB Our Milk Choco Pie 10-piece Set
  • Jinhae Turtle Bread 12,600 ₩
    Cosmos Co., Ltd
    Jinhae turtle bread was made in commemoration of the navy hero, General Yi Sun-sin's turtle ship. As a special product o...
    Jinhae Turtle Bread
  • Crystal Nail Shiner 15,000 ₩
    Wheelux Co., Ltd
    The product offers a quick natural polish to your nails without having to have your nails done, and the original swarovs...
    Crystal Nail Shiner
  • Everything included Red Ginseng Extract 90,000 ₩
    Ecopanax Co., Ltd
    The provincial certified product, everything included red ginseng extract, It is a stick-type red ginseng extract with t...
    Everything included Red Ginseng Extract
  • Edipe Petit 21,000 ₩
    Edipe Co., Ltd
    Edipe Petit
    Edipe Petit
  • Dr. Kkam Beauty Set 50,000 ₩
    Unocos Co., Ltd
    Homemade soap with an aromatic ingredient extracted from the native herb black nightshade fruit, and a transparent soap ...
    Dr. Kkam Beauty Set
  • Dried Bay Salt 3,000 ₩
    Haeri Nonghyup Deionized Salt Processing Office
    It is a cooking salt rich in natural minerals, which is made by washing the sea salt produced in the Gochang tide and th...
    Dried Bay Salt
  • Embroidery Hand Mirror 20,000 ₩
    Hanmack Hanji Craft
    It is a traditional artifact with a wish for longevity, and is especially remarkable for the craftsmanship of Korean wom...
    Embroidery Hand Mirror