Market Guide

Location: Jungang sijang gil 6, Wonju city, Gangwon-do
Established Date: 1965
Number of Stores: 245 Stores

Culture hub area, Miro Arts Wonju Jungang Market

The unused spaces in the market have been made into a cultural art space, and they run an art gallery that displays artworks and community issues.

Visitors may enjoy both cultural arts and shopping at the same time. Selling and creating handicrafts, license education, and more activities with regards to handicrafts are available in this market.

Moreover, this handicrafts-specialized market made the “market arts street” and promoted a young artists foundation, which in the end resulted into making the market as a “young market”.

Visitors may also enjoy finding good restaurants hidden in every corner, and tasting the representative menu beef, located at the special beef alley.

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