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Location : 10 Pyeongchang Market 1gil, Pyeongchang-eup, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon
Established Date : 1955
Number of Stores : 54 Stores

A market where you can feel a simple and heart-warming affection

On 2017, the Olympics venue announcement day, everyone waited for good news and tears fell with joy at Pyeongchang. Everyone got busy trying to create a successful Olympics for 2019 and the Pyeongchang traditional market also changed their name to Pyeongchang Olympics Market.

What is unusual about this market is that at the entrance, there is a display of pictures and contact numbers of the sellers. It shows their confidence in products they are selling.

Pyeongchang Olympics Market is a place with a simple and heart-warming affection.

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