[Food Street] Seoul Gwangjang Market Food Street : Yukhoe

Seoul Gwangjang Market Food Street : Yukhoe


“The generous sense of taste of the traditional market”

Food Street part.3 | Yukhoe

(Source : Gwangjang Market Website)


The yukhoe restaurant of the Gwangjang market is gathered at the end of the corner of the food market. There are only about 4 or 5 yukhoe restaurants in the small alley. But the taste is superb, so the yukhoe restaurants are always packed with people waiting for their turn.

If you order the yukhoe, you will get the immediately seasoned fresh beef that they have prepared that day.
Meat, leeks, onions, and red pepper paste makes sliced raw vegetable yukhoe very delicious.

There is a point where you have to wait in line during the peak hours, however, when you visit the Gwangjang market, we recommend you try it.