[Attraction] Pyeongchang Olympics Market Nearby Attraction : Pyeongchang Hyanggyo

Pyeongchang Olympics Market Nearby Attraction : Pyeongchang Hyanggyo


The education and edification of the local people

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In 1658 (the 9th year of King Hyojong’s reign), the ancestral tablets of Hyun Yoo were enshrined and established for local education and edification. Military commander Choi Chang-min and Toyusa Namanjeong organized and contributed to the construction of Yurimhoe (Royal Tomb of King Sukjong 45), and were reconstructed in 1729 (King Yeongjo 5). In 1885 (the 22nd year of King Gojong’s reign), Yoohujo and Hwang-eumin were devastated and part of the building was destroyed in June 25, 1950, and restored in 1953.


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The Pyeongchang Hyanggyo was an institution established during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty in order to educate Confucian scholars , and to hold the ancestral tablets of Confucius and his followers.


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