Gangwon-do’s Representative Traditional Market Guide

Pyeongchang Traditional Market

Jeongsun Traditional Market

Kangrung·Sungnam Traditional Market

Gangwon-do, the winter Olympics venue
to travel together

2018 Pyeongchang. The long awaited winter Olympics will be held at Pyeongchang.
Create colorful memories at a traditional market where the spirit of athletes,
a beautiful travel site, warm affection, and excitement overflows.

Sympathizing with the traditional market

It was a snowy day when we visited Pyeongchang market but the cold weather did not stop us and the people from going around the market. From seafoods to herbal goods, Pyeongchang market has something to offer. The mesmerizing mountains covered with snow surrounding the place is a bonus during our visit. The warm welcome given to us by the store owners and the people were enough to comfort us during the cold weather.

Pyeongchang Market Experience Group / Samantha Grace

It’s a perfect place for veggie lovers. There’s a lot of food made with vegetables, the drinks and even dried vegetables. Almost every store sells vegetables but for a person whose not vegetarian like me, no need to worry because they also sell meat mix with little veggies. I tried the crispy fried chicken marinated and coated with tiny sliced vegetable leaf. It’s always good to experience and try something new and different.

Jeongseon Market Experience Group / Roche Sericon

When we entered to the market we saw there are lots of handmade goods, seafood and herbs and agriculture produces. People from market they are really kind. If you will visit in the market and if you pay attention, then you will begin to see their unique charms. At the market, we literally spent an entire day shopping, bargaining, eating and watching people. Whatever we buy there, prices are much better for whole thing from produce to fish to shoes to socks to fruit to flowers to everything in between.

Pyeongchang Olympics Market Experience Group / Kanchan Sapkota